USA Mail Style Letterbox 240Wx525Wx265D (LBM-Item)


Letterbox base dimensions: 215mm wide x 510mm deep (portrait style)

Overall letterbox dimensions: 240mm wide x 525mm deep x 265mm high

The advertised price does not include freight or the letterbox post.

Please select powder coat colour to confirm product price and make the cart appear.

USA Mail style letterbox. Cast aluminium suitable for small internet parcels and keeps the mail protected from the weather.

Customers can purchase an ornate USA Mail style letterbox made from cast aluminium. This letterbox has a front opening door with an aluminium handle. In addition the front opening door swings downwards and opens with ease. As a result of there being no mail slot the mail is protected from the weather. It closes with magnets.

In addition each panel has an ornate raised/embossed pattern. (Same pattern on the sides. The ends have the same pattern except the front door has additional embossed writing.)

Furthermore it can be purchased with a cast aluminium post for an additional $75.00. The post is an ornate post that is already powder coated bronze.

Finally customer must be aware this is the last one, and is ready for powder coating with the customers choice of colour. This letterbox measures 215mm wide x 510mm deep x 265mm high.

Powder Coat Colour

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