Locke Crescent Letters with Stainless Steel plate and Sleeve

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Plate is manufacture to customer’s requirement.

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Locke Crescent letters with stainless steel front mail plate

Customers can purchase stainless steel letters. Purchasers can also buy a Stainless Steel front plate with sleeve. The Locke Crescent Stainless Steel letters, mail plate and Sleeve is a good example. The letters and front mail is made from 316 Marine grade stainless steel. This example front plate is 500w x 300h.  Each letter has 2 pins behind to attach to a wall, which allows them to be proud of the wall.

In addition customers have the choice of an aluminium powder coated letterbox; telescopic galvanised steel/stainless steel sleeves or galvanised steel/stainless steel fixed sleeves to fit behind a stainless steel front plate.

Finally this is suitable for block work or brick in work.

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