Product Care

Keep your mailbox looking great with a little product care

General product care

All Letterbox Man mailboxes are finished to a high quality and a little product care will help to maintain that finish throughout the life of the product. All it requires is some regular simple maintenance.
Powder Coat Care


Aluminium letterboxes are finished in good quality powder coating, however as they are exposed to a corrosive atmosphere and subject to ultra violet rays from the sun, the mailboxes will over time loose their lustre. To maintain the letterboxes in pristine condition, we recommend regular washing, and about twice a year a good clean and polish with a suitable car polish or wax. This will help in protecting the product from the ultra violet rays and corrosive atmosphere. We also recommend a little WD40 or similar spray on those letterboxes with exposed hinges.
Stainless Steel Care

Stainless steel

For stainless steel letterboxes and front and back wall facia panels, we recommend regular cleaning every 3 or 4 months with a regular stainless steel cleaner. This will remove any corrosive residue from the atmosphere and will also assist in preventing stainless steel ‘tea staining’. Hinges on doors on stainless plates require a regular light coat of WD40 or similar spray to maintain their integrity.
Lock Care

Key locks

Key Locks may need some proper lock lubricant (powdered graphite) from time to time.
Weather Proofing


Whilst Letterbox Man manufactures its letterboxes to be as waterproof as possible, and so minimise water entry through the letter slot opening, we cannot guarantee a completely water free letterbox. Weather conditions are such as to cause water to enter a mailbox through the letter slot opening – particularly in windy locations. We are in a position to offer optional flaps over the letter slot at the time of ordering a mailbox, and can supply an optional false bottom in the mailbox to lessen dampness caused by weather.