Key Lock


Standard barrel key lock with two keys. 2.5cm barrel with straight cam.

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Our standard Key Lock (and two keys) provided with all The Letterbox Man letterboxes

Almost all of our customers purchase our letterboxes with this standard lock and two keys.

Furthermore if customers lose their key they can purchase replacement keys from The Letterbox Man. In addition the keys are Individually numbered for easy identification.

Optionally, the standard lock can be left ‘unlocked’ if customers choose not to keep their letterbox locked.

Furthermore, customers working with a large number of letterboxes (apartments and multi-unit) have the option of selecting a master keyed system.

The standard lock barrel has straight sides that stops the lock from being turned in the lock hole.

Customers seeking to key their letterbox the same as their house key have the option of purchasing the Carbine LBX C4 lock.

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