Combination Locks


3 dial resettable Combination lock.

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Combination Lock

For the security conscious consumer we have three dial combination locks that do not require a key. The locks can be reset with a pin that is provided at time of purchase.

It is especially relevant to note that these locks can be fitted to our letterboxes at time of purchase.

Furthermore they cannot be retrofitted to our letterboxes at a later date, as the orientation of the lock does not line up with the shape of the initial hole.  However customers are using this lock retrofitted to their mail box for Air BNB purposes when they are not concerned with the orientation of the lock.

Additionally customers are also using these in small banks for keys in motels where the arriving customer is coming in late at night.  Each unit has it’s own key box with the resettable combination lock.  Customers tell us this is ideal when more than one of their customers is coming in late.


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