Multi-Unit Quote Request Form

Complete the Multi-Unit Quote Request Form to obtain a quotation

Do you need a quotation for a bank of mailboxes? Perhaps your body corporate has asked you to obtain a quote to replace an existing letterbox installation.

By completing the details in the form below our friendly staff at The Letterbox Man will be able to complete a quotation for you quickly and easily.

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Enter the name of your business or the body corporate you represent
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Enter the street number and name
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Enter telephone contact number/s including area codes
If replacement what is the existing? Is the replacement going into the same space?
Enter the maximum external dimensions if you have limited space available
Enter how many boxes wide
Enter how many boxes high
Front Opening (mail is entered and retreived from the front of the mailbox) - Rear Opening (mail is entered in the front of the mailbox and retreived from the rear of the mailbox)
Enter the size you want each individual (single) mailbox
If you selected "Custom Size" above, enter your custom size
Enter the powder coat colour or custom finish
If you selected "Custom Colour" above, enter your custom colour details
Select the type of lock / latch required for individual (single) boxes
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