Valerie-Selena Rear Opening Aluminium Letterbox for Brick Work 410Wx250Dx220H (318A180)


Letterbox base dimension: 350mm wide x 250mm deep
Overall outside dimension: 410mm wide x 250mm deep x 220mm high (including aluminium front plate)

The front plate is 2mm thick Aluminium – powder coated.

The advertised price does not include freight.

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Aluminium letterbox, Valerie-Selena rear opening with aluminium front plate 410x220mm suitable for brick work

A single Valerie-Selena rear opening letterbox for brick work with aluminium front plate and visored mail slotThis letterbox has a rear door with locking mechanism. 2mm aluminium front/top/bottom and sides.

Furthermore this Valerie-Selena letterbox is Australia post compliant as it is suitable for A4.

Customers seeking a custom front plate with lettering, numbers or special graphics, should contact The Letterbox Man to discuss options and pricing.

The mailbox behind the front plate is 350mm wide x 250mm deep x 175mm high. i.e. Size to suit brick work.

Finally this front plate (Valerie) can be attached to our letterbox model Helena (190) rear opening letterbox which is suitable for block work (Besser block) 390mm wide x 200mm deep x 200mm high (model Valerie-Helena 318A190).

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