Alpine Flamingo Rear Opening Aluminium Letterbox (LBM-3229)


Discontinued Aluminium A4 letterbox on central fluted post with two lights, a number plate and newspaper holder.

Letterbox base dimension: 290mm wide x 350mm deep. (Suits A4 mail)

Overall outer dimension: xxxmm wide x 350mm deep x 2000mm high (including the post

Customers have the choice of standard powder coat colours.

The advertised price does NOT include freight.

Please select powder coat colour to confirm product price and for cart to appear.


Flamingo Letterbox with two lights

The Flamingo Letterbox with two powered lights (3229) is a discontinued model.  Customers can purchase this A4 letterbox with two lights, a number plate and newspaper holder.  This is the last one in this line and is currently ready for a customer to choose from our standard colour powder coat or a custom colour.

Furthermore this letterbox is an Alpine letterbox which is suitable for A4 mail.

Finally an electrician will be required to wire this model as it does NOT come with wiring.


Powder Coat Colour

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