Skillion freestanding (4150)


Aluminium letterbox  350w x 175h x 250d with an overall height 1000mm mounted on a 65mm square post.  This letterbox can be front or rear open with a key lock.

Customers can also purchase this as a mailbox only without the post and newspaper holder.

Customers have the choice of standard powder coat colours.

The advertised price does NOT include freight.

Please select powder coat colour to confirm product price and for cart to appear.



Skillion freestanding 4150

Customers can purchase a Skillion Free-standing (4150) Aluminium Letterbox. The mailbox is 350mm wide x 175mm high x 250mm deep, making it suitable for A4 mail which is Australia Post compliant.  This letterbox has an angled hood over both the front and rear doors. Another feature is the 65mm square post which the letterbox comes mounted on. The overall height is 1000mm high.

Furthermore it also comes with a round paper holder that sits underneath the letterbox and can be manufactured as front or rear opening.

In conclusion this letterbox comes with a  key lock and two keys.

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