Simone A4 right side opening Letterbox (116)


Letterbox Base dimension : 350mm wide x 300mm deep suits A4
Mail Slot Opening: 345mm wide x 30mm high
Overall overall dimension: 350mm wide x 300mm deep x 200mm high

Freight and post are not included in price.

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An aluminium A4 Right side opening letterbox suitable for narrow access driveways or for customers with mobility impairments

Simone is a single A4 right side opening letterbox. Furthermore this letterbox comes with Mail-slot at the front with right side door and locking mechanism. 2mm aluminium top/bottom and sides.

Customers have noted that when considering numbers for the Simone 60mm (2-3/8 inch) best suit this letterbox.

Customers with long narrow driveways, battle axe properties and customers with mobility issues find this ideal as they don’t need to alight from their car to retrieve the mail.

Finally some customers have liked the concept of the side opening letterbox, however have felt that Simone is a bit too robust for their needs. For these customers the Custom brick-in plates Bri-Ann (170171) are ideal.  In this instance Bri-Ann doesn’t necessarily need the flange if being a new install.


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