Quest Letterbox Post 50mm Round with Number Plate (410)


Dimension: 50mm diameter x 1200mm high with a letterbox mounting plate that is 125mm x 125mm. The number plate hangs inside the question mark. The number plate is 260mm wide x 120mm high.

Overall Dimension:  1200mm high x 430mm wide

Freight and letterbox box not included in price.

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A left and right reversible question mark style letterbox post with a hanging number plate

This 50mm round aluminium Quest Letterbox Post is shaped into a question mark. Hanging inside the curve is a cast aluminium hanging number. This post also has a letterbox mounting plate on top of the curve.

This is an ideal option for customers seeking a letterbox post that is unique and catchy.  The cast aluminium number plate that hangs inside the question mark has the same moulding on both.  This allows the Quest letterbox post to be installed either way. 76mm (3 inch) numbers fit nicely on this plate.

To reduce the cost of freight the post comes in two pieces. The two pieces are to be screwed together with self tapping screws. The self tapping screws are supplied with the letterbox post. However we can manufacture the post in one piece upon request.

For compliance with Australia Post, this letterbox post has been designed so that the mail slot of your letterbox (additional cost) sits between 600-900mm from the ground. (This leaves 300-600mm of the post to go into the ground.)

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