Polished Brass Newspaper Ring (DB.922.xx)


Solid cast Polished brass newspaper ring : outside diameter 140mm. Inside diameter 87mm.

Takes a 100mm or 4″ PVC pipe as the holder.

The advertised price does not include freight.

Newspaper Ring to complement brass front mail plate

Customers in the past have also purchased a Polished Brass Newspaper Ring (DB.922.xx) to complement their polished brass front mail plate.

The newspaper ring has an outside diameter of 140mm and an inside diameter of 87mm.  A 4″ (100mm) PVC pipe becomes the holder behind this ring (PVC pipe not included).  Some customers purchase two rings, one for either side of the fence to give a finished look to their fence.

In addition this newspaper ring comes in aged brass, un-lacquered brass, powdered coated black or polished brass with a lacquer.

Front plates this newspaper ring complements is DB.9208.xx, DB.9218.xx, DB.9210.xx or DB.9214.xx

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