Stainless 203mm Numbers – Arial Wide Font (LN08.SS)


Stainless Steel Number 203mm (8 inch) 316 marine grade brushed stainless steel.

Optional extras: weld studs and/or powder coated. Read full details provided below.

Advertised price does not include freight.

Brushed Marine Grade 316 Stainless 203mm numbers (8 inch) in Arial wide font

Stainless steel numbers have a variety of uses:

  • Number on a fence / gate
  • Number on a house
  • Number on a door
  • Number on a Parcel Chest

These are just some examples of use.

203mm 8” stainless steel numbers are suitable for a range of our letterboxes:

Numbers are usually glued with a heat resistance construction adhesive to the letterbox (door / fence / wall).  This adhesive must be able to handle 180o, as stainless steel can get very hot in the Australian sun.

Powder coating

In addition there are occasions when customers need their numbers powder coated. There are standard colours and custom colours in the range.

Other available number sizes are: Click the link for the price 60mm (2-3/8 inch), 76mm (3 inch), 101mm (4 inch), 127mm (5 inch), 152mm (6 inch) or custom sized.

For custom sized numbers please call our friendly staff at The Letterbox Man for assistance.

Customers regularly use stainless numbers to make their fence stand out. An example was a customer wanted a custom number (standing around 90cm high), offset from their wall so it could have some LED lights installed behind.

Weld studs

Which leads us to weld studs behind number/s.

Weld studs are a fastener or specially formed nut welded to a base material (eg. stainless numbers). Stainless steel weld studs are available for stainless steel numbers. The weld studs are M6 threaded and come in various lengths. The purpose of use determines then length required.

  • furthermore some customers like the aesthetic of having the number/s in relief; this is achieved by a 10mm spacer and a 50mm weld stud, welded behind the number/s.
  • Attaching number/s to picket fences only requires a 25mm weld stud as the picket fence is usually 16mm thick.

The Letterbox Man can provide weld studs to the back of the number/s as required at additional cost.

Powder Coat Colour

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Weld Studs

No Weld Studs, 10mm Long, 20mm Long, 25mm Long, 50mm Long, 75mm Long

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