Solid Cast Letters Narrow Font (DB.93x)


Narrow font, solid cast letters

Comes in three finishes: Polished Brass, Bright Chrome or Satin Chrome.

Sizes: 3″ (76mm), 4″ (101mm),  6″ (152mm) or 8” (203mm)

Prices for different sizes and finishes apply. Please select finish and size from the pick boxes provided.

Freight is not included in the price.

Solid cast letters in a narrow font for letterboxes, front doors, plaques or fences

Solid cast letters come in three finishes:

Polished Brass
Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome

Furthermore customers can get narrow font solid cast letters in 3″ (76mm), 4″ (101mm), 6″ (127mm).

Polished brass letters come with a clear lacquer finish.  Over time this will deteriorate and reveal an aged patina on the brass.  For customers who don’t wish to have the aged look on their solid brass letters, maintenance is required.  A good quality wax polish like Mr Sheen will help to maintenance the lustre.

For customers who are after an aged patina from the beginning, removing the clear lacquer with acetone (even nail polish) will speed up this process.

In addition solid Bright Chrome letters and Solid Satin Chrome letters is brass that has been chrome plated.

Finally climatic conditions may have an effect on these finishes, for example, corrosive vapours, coastal air, humidity, salt spray etc. As a result of these conditions the finish can not be guaranteed to last years and years.

Front Plate

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50mm (2"), 76mm (3"), 101mm (4"), 152mm (6"), 203mm (8")

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