Large Wooden Radio Fence Letterbox

$95.00 $50.00

Large Wooden Radio Fence letterbox unpainted. Suitable as a mailbox, bird-box or beehive.


Large Wooden Radio Fence Letterbox

Customers can purchase a Large Wooden Radio Fence Letterbox. The mailbox is 350mm wide x 420mm high and 210mm deep and is rear opening. The mail hole for the front plate is 220mm wide by 70mm high.  The distance from the middle of the screw holes across the front hole is 240mm.

In addition it has a horizontal mail opening that can accommodate a brass mail slot for a discounted price of $83.60 including GST if purchased with the wooden letterbox.

Furthermore Customers say this is ideal for seaside conditions.

Finally Purchasers if you are looking for a bird-box or stingless native beehive, this letterbox is ideal.

This is a discontinued line. The advertised price does NOT include freight.

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