Hyndes Close Stainless Steel Front Mail Plate

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316 Marine grade stainless steel front opening letter plate only, laser cut numbers and/or letters; with either powder coated backing plate or coloured perspex and lights.


Customers can purchase a 316 Marine grade stainless steel front plate “Hyndes Close” with a 325mm mail slot. Customers can choose to have this plate laser cut with numbers/letters (the numbers are cut out creating a hole, which has a coloured backing plate to show the numbers).

Consumers can also choose from a standard range of colours for the aluminium letterbox or backing sheet.

Customers also have a choice of a Telescopic Galvanised or stainless steel telescopic sleeve (made up of two pieces that slide out from each other to create depth required). Another option is to have  a mailbox behind the front plate.

Purchasers can customise the Artwork of the front plate to their needs.


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