Harlow Cast Aluminium Rear Opening Front and Back Brick-in Plates with Key Lock and Fixed Sleeve 370Wx190~470Dx190H (14.5x7x5″) (359x530x)


Cast Aluminium Brick-in Front/Back Plates: 370mm wide x 190mm high
Letterbox base dimension: 348mm wide x 190~470mm deep (to be determined by depth of wall)
Mail slot: 325mm wide x 12mm
Overall outside dimension: 370mm wide x 190~470mm deep x 190mm high
Sleeve dimension: 348mm wide x 190~470mm deep x 166mm high

The advertised price does not include freight.

Please select powder coat colour and your choice of sleeve to confirm product price and make the cart appear.

Cast Aluminium Brick-in Plates 370Wx190H with Key Lock and Optional Sleeve

These cast aluminium brick-in plates 370Wx190H are Australian made, lockable and come with an optional sleeve. Suitable for besser block (with a bit of padding required for the width) or brick.

The sleeve is the connecting piece in-between the front and back plates and is made from aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel. Sleeves are 348 wide x 166 high and suitable for wall depths of 190~470mm deep. Custom sleeves deeper than 470mm can be manufactured at additional cost.

Aluminium sleeves are made from 1.0mm thick aluminium. Galvanised and stainless steel sleeves are 0.55mm thick.

If you do not choose to purchase the sleeve, your installer will need to find a method to fix the front and back plates to the wall.  Furthermore Harlow comes standard with either a key lock or a latch lock. At additional costs, other locking mechanisms are available.

Finally customers can choose from a variety of powder coat colours. For other types of fences please call The Letterbox Man 07 3349 3004 for suitable options.

Powder Coat Colour

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