Fiona Front Opening Aluminium Letterbox 350Wx395Dx340H (107)


Letterbox base dimension: 350mm wide x 350mm deep suitable for A4.

Mail Slot: 350mm wide x 45mm high

Overall outer dimension: 350mm wide x 395mm deep x 340 high (includes 45mm awning at top for weather protection)

The advertised price does not include freight or the letterbox post.

Please select powder coat colour to confirm product price and make the cart appear.


Suitable for padded bags and padded mailers, the Fiona front opening parcel box is ideal for larger than normal mail deliveries.

The Letterbox Man is proud to release the Fiona front opening small parcel box.  Our customers have been asking for a mail box that will take small parcels and A4 sized mail. Fiona has been designed with those needs in mind.

Customers can unleash their creativity by purchasing this delightful parcel letterbox. Small packages of goods ordered from the internet are safe and secure on arrival at home. This parcel mailbox comes standard with a key lock (or latch lock if requested), however for added security you can order an optional GEM lock or Combination lock.

The Fiona small parcel letterbox is front opening for properties that require access to the front of the letterbox. If you are looking for a rear opening version of this mail box, consider Fiona’s brother, Brett for a rear opening version.

Past customers have purchased this small parcel letterbox when needing to attach to the surface wall of a building.

The following size types of packages will fit in this small parcel letterbox:

Item (Australia Post)CodeSize
Tough BagTB1211 x 269mm x 45mm high
 TB2236 x 329mm x 45mm high
Padded MailersPM0125 x 160mm x 45mm high
 PM1151 x 229mm x 45mm high
 PM2215 x 280mm x 45mm high
 PM3240 x 340mm x 45mm high
Padded BagsPB1122 x 172mm x 45mm high
 PB2146 x 223mm x 45mm high
 PB3210 x 274mm x 45mm high
 PB8236 x 329mm x 45mm high
Jiff Shurtuff SatchelSize 1190 x 260mm x 45mm high
 Size 2250 x 325mm x 45mm high
Pre-paid Satchel  500gm220 x 355mm x 45mm high

Being that this letterbox is 350mm wide x 350mm deep it is also suitable as a farm letterbox or for rural properties that require a larger letterbox. Furthermore this size is great as a brick in parcel box for customers needing to install the mail parcel box into a brick wall.

Finally customers have noted that when considering numbers for Fiona, the largest numbers work well.

Finally customers can choose from a variety of powder coat colours and a selection of letterbox posts are available at additional cost.

Powder Coat Colour

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