Letterbox Post 50mm Round with Mounting Plate and Number Plate (DL.POST.R050.NPS)


Customer can purchase a Letterbox Post 50mm Round with number-plate that is suitable for our residential letterboxes and is 1200mm high.  The mounting plate is 130x130mm square with four holes ready for bolts.

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Letterbox post 50mm round with number plate

Customers are excited to unleash their creativity with our new Designer line Letterbox and post system. Purchasers can choose to purchase a Letterbox Post 50mm Round with number plate that is on the left hand side of the post. These posts are suitable for our residential letterboxes.  Furthermore the post is 1200mm high with a mounting plate that is 130x130mm square. The mounting plate comes with four holes ready for bolts and can be powder coated a different colour to the letterbox if the customer chooses.

Finally customers can now pick their mail box and separate post along with a number plate as part of the Designer Line.  Adapter plates are available to support larger letterboxes.




Powder Coat Colour

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