Letterbox Mounting Plate 225x225mm (DL.MOUNT.225)


Deeper letterboxes require an adaptor plate to mount the letterbox to a standard letterbox post.

The advertised price does not include freight.

Mounting plate to adapt deeper letterboxes to a standard letterbox post

A mounting plate will be required for customers purchasing a letterbox that is 350mm deep. With our new design concept of letterboxes, if they wish to mount the letterbox on a post.  All posts will take this mounting plate. This expands the range of options the customer has in the style of letterbox post. Posts are available in round, octagonal or square and a number of colonial style configurations.

This aluminium plate has four center holes that align with the holes in the plate welded to the top of the letterbox post. It is first bolted to the letterbox post (or screwed to the top of a timber fence). The four outer holes then align with the holes in the letterbox.

This increases the range of individuality of your letterbox setting your home apart from others in the neighbourhood.







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