Bri-Ann Custom Rear Opening Aluminium Front and Back Brick-in Plates with Key Lock 230~478Wx150~208H (170171)


Replacement custom sized Brick-In Plates for non standard brick cavity and replacement to discontinued brick-in plates.

Size: 230~478mm wide x 150-208mm high

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Custom Front/Back Brick-in Plates

This set of Custom Front/Back Brick-in Plates are CUSTOM manufactured for brick cavities where cast aluminium or brass plates are not available.

Size: 230~478mm wide x 150-208mm high

This set has been designed for replacing non standard, discontinued brick-in plates and therefore can be sold as only a front plate (Bri) or a rear plate (Ann).

The front and back brick-in plates have a 25mm angle surround to provide a beautiful trim to the brick cavity.

We custom manufacture the set in a mill finish and they can be Powder Coated in a variety of colours. Surcharge applies for non standard colours.

Furthermore for customers seeking a custom front opening plate to replace brass or aluminium front opening plates that are no longer available, we also have model 172 Trinity.

When ordering, advise the Width x Height of your brick cavity.

Brick-in Plate

Front and Back, Front Only, Back Only

Powder Coat Colour

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