Cory-Selena Rear Opening Aluminium Letterbox with Corten Steel Front Plate for Brick Work 420Wx245Dx230H (318C180)


Letterbox base dimension: 350mm wide x 245mm deep
Overall outside dimension: 410mm wide x 245mm deep x 220mm high (including corten steel front plate)

Mail compartment: 2mm thick Aluminium powder coated.

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Weathered Steel front plated Cory-Selena letterbox that suits the height and width of Brick work

A single Cory-Selena rear opening letterbox for brick work with weathered steel often called Corten Steel, front plate 410x220mm and visored mail slot. This letterbox has a rear door and locking mechanism. The mail compartment is 2mm aluminium top/bottom and sides.

Cory-Selena is made up of two parts. A corten steel front plate and a powder coated aluminium mail compartment. The aluminium mail compartment is available in a variety of powder coat colours.

Furthermore this Cory-Selena letterbox is Australia post compliant as it is suitable for A4.

The mailbox behind the stainless front plate is 350mm wide x 245mm deep x 175mm high.

Furthermore the letterbox comes standard with either a key lock or a latch lock. At additional costs, other locking mechanisms are available.

Customers seeking a custom front plate with lettering, numbers or special graphics, should contact The Letterbox Man to discuss options and pricing.

This front plate (Cory) can be attached to our model Helena (190) rear opening letterbox for brick work 390mm wide x 200mm deep x 200mm high (model Cory-Helena xxxS190).

Who uses weathering steel?

Architects like using Corten steel for its weathering resistance, elegant and modern look.  They also like it for its high strength and weldability, allowing it to blend into an environment.  Gives a very a natural look.

Landscapers – creating stairs and garden bed edging, fencing and letterboxes

Infrastructure – for bridges, and rail electrification

Artists – like the distress antique appearance.  Ages well and blends into the environment therefore their sculptures become one with the environment.

What is Corten steel?

Corten, Cor-ten, weathering steel is a weathered steel product with an eye catching orange/brown coloured metal that gives the appearance of rust. Weathered steel is an ‘atmospheric’ corrosion resistant steel as it is an alloy (copper, chromium, phosphorus and nickel-molybdenum). The corten name is derived from CORresion resistance TENsile strength.  It reaches its full patina (rust pattern) around 1-3 years.  It will ‘bleed’, meaning it stains the surfaces around it.

The phosphorus in the alloy causes a protective layer to regenerate on the surface creating a barrier against moisture, oxygen and pollution.  However this product is not suitable for sea air as the high concentration of corrosive products in this environment prevents the rust from stabilising.

It has been reported that Corten steel can last ‘upwards of a few decades to over 100 years’.

Maintaining Corten Steel

1. clean steel with a sturdy brush at least once a year

2. remove any leaves or dirt as this affect the rust layer

3. ensure product is situated somewhere it can dry quickly after rain.  Prolonged exposure to water can destabilize the rust layer.

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