Chester Rear Opening Mail/Parcel Letterbox (204)


Letterbox base dimension: 400mm wide x 400mm deep.

Overall outer dimension: 400mm wide x 400mm deep x 600mm high (letterbox only)  (optional – two square posts).

The advertised price does not include freight or the letterbox posts.

Please select powder coat colour to confirm product price and make the cart appear.

Letterbox for book size satchel parcels and large volumes of mail – Chester rear opening mail/parcel box

Chester is a rear opening mail/parcel A3 letterbox. It can be mounted on top of a wall or on posts.

In addition it has a chute door for parcels. It can take small 1kg satchels. The chute door requires a depth of at least 400mm to enable parcels to fall into the body of the letterbox.

In addition it can come on posts that can be mounted on the ground or into the ground.  This will determine the height of the posts however they usually come with two Posts: 65 x 65 x 1200mm high. (The price of posts is not included in the price of the box)

Furthermore the retrieving door width is 300mm wide x 250mm high.  The chute is 400mm wide and opens to approximately 70 degrees. The floor of the chute is 250mm deep.

When considering numbers for the Chester 76mm (3 inch) best suit this mail box.

Customers looking for a front opening box should consider our Chelsea (203) letterbox.

Furthermore the letterbox comes standard with either a key lock or a latch lock. At additional costs, other locking mechanisms are available.

Finally customers can choose from a variety of powder coat colours.

Powder Coat Colour

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