Bungalow Rear Opening Aluminium Letterbox 425Wx300Dx255H (126)


Letterbox Base dimension: 350mm wide x 250mm deep suits A4
Mail Slot Opening: 345mm wide x 30mm high
Overall outside dimension: 425mm wide x 300mm deep x 255mm high (including roof).

The advertised price does not include freight or the letterbox post.

Please select powder coat colour to confirm product price and make the cart appear.


Gable roof Bungalow rear opening A4 letterbox with space for junk mail

A single Bungalow rear opening A4 letterbox with gable roof.  In addition it comes with a  mail-slot at the front with rear door and locking mechanism.

Furthermore customers like the robustness of  this letterbox. The Bungalow is made from 2mm aluminium for the top/bottom and sides.

It has also been noted this is an ideal letterbox when placed under a tree as the gable roof protects the main body from sap and leaf matter. Being a sloping roof allows for easier cleaning from the sap and leaves that drop from the surrounding trees.

Customers have noted that when considering numbers for the Bungalow 60mm (2-3/8 inch) best suit this letterbox.

Furthermore the letterbox comes standard with either a key lock or a latch lock. At additional costs, other locking mechanisms are available.

Finally customers can choose from a variety of powder coat colours and a selection of letterbox posts are available at additional cost.

Powder Coat Colour

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