Benedict Cast Aluminium Rear Opening Front and Back Brick-in Plates with Hasp Lock 200Wx200H (8×8″) (350x)

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Customers can purchase a set of CAST ALUMINIUM FRONT/BACK PLATE (627.MF) in size 200mm wide x 200mm high (8″ x 8″). These plates come with a mill finish however you can have them powder coated in a variety of colours. Surcharges apply for non standard colours.

Standard colours include: Bright Silver, Black, White, Mountain Blue, Heritage Green and Primrose (cream).

Furthermore the back plate is also Padlock lockable. This makes the set of plates preferred by Australia Post because they are a lockable letter box.

Advertised price does not include freight.

Discontinued. Please refer alternative product Trinity-May (172173)


This set of CAST ALUMINIUM FRONT/BACK PLATE (350M) in size 200mm wide x 200mm high (8″ x 8″) is ideally suitable for besser block fence/walls or sandstone pillars with a 160mm wide opening. Unfortunately has been discontinued, however we have an alternative in a Custom set Trinity-May (172173).

Australia Post prefer letterboxes that can be locked so the back plate is Padlock lockable (Padlock lock is not included).

We stock the set in a mill finish and they can be Powder Coated in a variety of colours. Surcharge applies for non standard colours. Furthermore these plate are made from Australian made castings.

North Queensland customers tend to use these plate sets and we are stocking them for those customers who are looking to replace existing sets.

For other types of fences please call The Letterbox Man 07 3349 3004 for suitable options.

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