Bank 8 front opening letterboxes with Trim

Call for Price

Bank of 8 Front opening letterboxes needing powder coating in Customers choice of colour.

Advertised price does not include freight.


Bank 8 front opening letterboxes

Customers can purchase a bank 8 front opening letterboxes with trim. The individual size of each letterbox is 350mm wide x 175mm high x 250mm deep. Additionally the angle surround is 25mm and is attached flush with the front.

Purchasers have the choice of standard powder coat colours as the unit is currently not powder coated.  Furthermore Customers can choose from standard colours which are Black, White, Silver, Claret, Heritage Green, Mountain Blue, and Primrose.

This bank is ready for powder coating.

Finally each box comes with key locks and individually numbered keys.

The price is around $775.00.

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