Amir Rear Opening Fence Box with Chrome Front Plate 400Wx245Dx200H (148/SB.4401)


Letterbox base dimension: 400mm wide x 245mm deep. Suits A4.

Overall outside dimension: 400mm wide x 245mm deep x 200mm high

2mm thick Aluminium powder coated.

Freight is not included in price.

Please select the front plate you require (or “No Front Plate”) and the powder coat colour to confirm product price and for cart to appear.

Fence box with Satin Chrome plate – Amir rear opening A4 letterbox suitable for picket or paling fences

Amir is a rear opening A4 letterbox suitable for a picket fence or timber fences. Amir sits on the house side of the fence. An additional front mail slot sits on the road side of the fence. This is held together with a couple of long screws that bore through the wooden fence.

Customers this is an aluminium mailbox 400mm wide x 245mm deep x 200mm high.

Furthermore it requires a front mail plate which comes in one finish – Satin Chrome. The face plate is 375mm wide x 100mm high (mail slot: 320mm wide x 50mm high). From the pick boxes on this page you can select either the mail box only without the mail plate, or with the plate.

Finally for fences with spaces between the palings, the spaces will need to be filled so that water does not leak into the letterbox.

Furthermore the letterbox comes standard with either a key lock or a latch lock. At additional costs, other locking mechanisms are available.

Finally customers can choose from a variety of powder coat colours.

Front Plate

No Front Plate, Bright Chrome, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome

Powder Coat Colour

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