Alpine Rear Opening Aluminium Letterbox (210)


Letterbox base dimension: 290mm wide x 350mm deep
Mail Slot Opening: 220mm wide x 35mm high
Overall outer dimension: 350mm wide x 390mm deep x 235mm high

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Rear open A4 letterbox alpine style with straight eave that suits classic colonial style homes

Customers can purchase a rear open A4 letterbox alpine style letterbox with a straight eave. In addition it comes with a tiled style roof.  As the front and rear plates are cast aluminium this model only comes in rear open.

The mail slot is 250mm wide x 35mm high.  This letterbox is suitable for A4 mail it is Australia Post Compliant. The rear door is 195mm wide x 100mm high with a hinge at the top.

Furthermore this letterbox is made from Australian made castings and wholly manufactured in our Brisbane factory by hand.

The Alpine can be mounted on a fence, side bracket for posts or arbors or on a variety of posts.

Customers have noted that when considering numbers for the Alpine 60mm (2-3/8 inch) best suit this letterbox.

Furthermore being part of our classic colonial range this is a very popular model.  Customers that have properties with ironwork tend to purchase the Alpine.

Finally customers have the choice of key lock or latch lock and a variety of powder coat colours. If mounting on a post customers can choose a different colour for the letterbox to the post.

Due to anomalies within cast aluminium that can interfere with powder coating, it has been noted the powder coating on the roof of the Chalet and Alpine cannot be guaranteed to adhere to the castings and have been known to chip over time. If this is an issue, we recommend our model Dacha (223) which is a similar shape, however, does not have a cast aluminium roof.

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