Alan-Tess-Xan Rear Opening Stainless Front and Back with Telescopic Sleeve for Brick Work 370Wx230~700Dx195H (307S56xx309S)


Letterbox base dimension: 350mm wide x 230~700mm deep (to be determined by depth of wall)
Mail slot: 325mm wide x 20mm
Overall outside dimension: 370mm wide x 230~700mm deep x 195mm high

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Rear opening Alan-Tess-Xan stainless front and back plates with telescopic sleeve to suit brick work

This Alan-Tess-Xan stainless front and back letterbox is made up of three parts: a front and a rear 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel plate 370mm wide x 195mm high, and a telescopic sleeve (adjustable ie expands to size).

The Telescopic sleeve will fit into a wall cavity/hole 350mm wide x 175mm high.  The depth is determined by how deep the wall is.  We have two sizes of telescopic sleeves. The first option will expand from 230mm to 410mm and the second option will expand from 375mm to 700mm. If the depth of your wall does not suit these measurements then custom telescopic sleeves can be manufactured. Telescopic sleeves can be finished in aluminium, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

The front plate has a folded inwards mail slot that is 325mm wide x 20mm high.


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