Cast Brass Rear Opening Front/Back Plates with Hasp Lock 215Wx150H (9218-500x-9219)


Solid Cast Brass Postal Fitting Front Plate Only: 215 wide x 150 high

Mail Slot: 180mm wide x 30mm high

(Available in Bright Chrome, Polished Brass and Satin Chrome)

Freight is not included in the price.

To avoid any confusion please select the finish of the Front Plate you are after as well as the type of Sleeve. If no sleeve selected it will be the price of the front plate only. Depth of wall is required for the sleeve and needs to be noted in ORDER NOTES at checkout.


Cast Brass Front/Back Plates with Hasp Lock and Optional Sleeve

Customers can purchase solid cast polished brass front/back plates. This front plate is 215mm wide x 150mm high.  In addition the customer can purchase a cast brass back plate (DB.9219.PB) and a galavanised sleeve. The mail slot opening is 180mm wide x 30mm high. This is suitable for pillars or piers as it is not very wide.

The front and back plates are available with the optional sleeve (for wall depth up to 470mm). Sleeves deeper than 470mm can be manufactured at additional cost.

The sleeve is the connecting piece in-between the front and back plates and is made from aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel. If you choose not to purchase the sleeve your installer will need to find a method to fix the front and back plates to the wall.

Furthermore the front and back plates come in a variety of finishes; Bright Chrome, Polished Brass and Satin Chrome.

The Polished brass back plate (DP.9219.PB) goes with this front plate.

(Domino Brass Mailbox Cover, Front – 9218) (Domino Brass Mailbox Cover, Rear – 9219)

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