Rohan Streamline Top Opening Fence Aluminium Letterbox (217415)


Letterbox base dimension: 300mm wide x 180mm deep

Overall outer dimension: 320mm wide x 180mm deep x 1570mm high (including post)

The advertised price does not include freight.

Discontinued line. Last one in Gloss Black – factory second as has some small scratches on it.


Fence mounted top opening letterbox not lockable on square post

Customers can purchase a Rohan top opening fence letterbox. In addition it comes with a no frills 65×65 square aluminium post.

Furthermore it is ideal for small internet parcels so they are out of line of sight.

Finally there is only one left in stock which is a factory second as its in Gloss Black with some small scratches on it. This is a discontinued line.

Powder Coat Colour

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