Medieval Freehold Top Opening Aluminium Letterbox (LBM.Item)

$315.00 $240.00

Letterbox base dimension: 300mm wide x 360mm deep

Overall outer dimension: 300mm wide x 360mm deep x xxxmm high (including post)

The advertised price does not include freight.

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Rectangular letterbox with top opening lid, newspaper tray below on a fluted post

Customers can purchase a Freehold letterbox on a fluted post. In addition the lid swivel opens on a couple of screws with acorn nuts to secure the lid.  It is suitable for A4 mail and small internet parcels.

Furthermore customers that have back issues and don’t like creepy crawlies like this letterbox.  Being top opening there is no need to bend over.  Purchasers can also see if there any creepy crawlies in the letterbox before retrieving mail.

In addition it comes on a 60mm round post with newspaper holder and number plate.To reduce freight costs this letterbox comes in modular pieces to be assembled on site.  Self tapping screws, nuts and bolts are supplied.

Finally it has a hasp lock which is suitable for a padlock (not supplied).

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