Rear-Open Letterboxes Freestanding with Sign

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Rear opening strata letter boxes with square posts and a sign, for apartments/multi dwelling buildings.

This example shows eight letterboxes for apartment blocks with a sign on two posts that cemented into the ground.  You can have the option of having footer plates on the posts so they can be attached to the ground.


Customers looking for multi-occupancy letter boxes, can purchase multiple REAR-OPEN LETTERBOXES FREESTANDING WITH SIGN. The individual boxes are either 350mm wide x 175mm high x 250mm deep OR 250mm wide x 175mm high x 350mm deep.

Furthermore customers can choose from a variety of powder coat colours. In addition the customer can also choose the locking mechanism. This can be key locks or latch locks which are suitable for padlocks. For an additional charge customers can choose between GEM locks or Combination locks, both of which incur additional charges.

Finally the letterboxes also come with engraved number strips.

It is especially relevant that these are suitable for brick work.

Customers signs can be made in either Stainless Steel or powder coated aluminium to suit the size of the multiple letterboxes for flats.

Customers that would like letterboxes for apartment blocks suited to their requirements can click here and fill out the form.  Once the form is filled out The Letterbox Man will furnish you with a quote as soon as possible.

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