Rear-Opening Bank of 24 Aluminium Letterboxes

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REAR OPENING BANK OF 24 ALUMINIUM LETTERBOXES. 4 wide x 6 high with a parcel shelf with half panel below.

The advertised price does NOT include freight.

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Customers can purchase a REAR OPENING BANK OF 24 ALUMINIUM LETTERBOXES. This bank has an additional advertising mail row at the bottom.

In addition individual letterboxes are 350mm wide x 175mm high x 250mm deep. This ready made bank is configure with 4 boxes wide and 6 rows high with the additional advertising mail row with half panel at the bottom. The overall dimensions are 1410mm wide x 1140mm high x 250mm deep.

Furthermore as this is a ready made product it is already finished in Primrose (cream) powder coat.

Customers can choose to have key locks or latch locks. Currently key locks are installed.  In addition this bank also comes with engraved number strips.

As a result you can have this bank of letterboxes almost straight away.

Finally you can add a double posts to each end or insert into a brick wall. SOLD

Powder Coat Colour

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