Four Rear Opening Aluminium Strata Mailboxes with posts (3081.F4)


Four Freestanding rear opening Aluminium Mailbox Box size: 350w x 175h x 250d with square posts for apartments/multi dwelling buildings.

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Four Rear Opening Aluminium Strata Mailboxes with posts (3081.F4)

Customers can purchase Four Rear Opening Aluminium strata Mailboxes with posts (3081.F4). Each individual letterbox is 350mm wide x 175mm high x 250mm deep. The overall dimensions are 706mm wide x 340mm high x 250mm deep.

This stack of multi unit letterboxes come mounted on two 65mm square aluminium posts.  Customers can choose the colour of powder coat for both the bank of mailboxes and the posts.  Furthermore customers have a choice of locking mechanisms.  The letterboxes come standard with key locks or latch locks suitable for padlocks.  For an extra charge customers can choose GEM locks or Combination locks.  Finally the mailboxes come with engraved number strips.

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