Frederick 3 x A4 rear open letterboxes on a U-Bend post (130460)


Letterbox base Dimension: 330 mm wide x 250mm deep suits A4

Overall outside dimension:   450mm  wide x 250mm deep x 1350 mm high  (including post)

Freight not included in price.

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3 x A4 rear open letterboxes on a U-Bend post

Customers can purchase THREE REAR-OPENING vertically stacked A4 letterboxes on a U-Bend post. The individual box is 330mm wide x 175mm high x 250mm deep. Furthermore the overall size of the bank of three letterboxes is 330mm wide x 505mm high x 250mm deep.

Customers can choose a variety of colours for the powder coating.

Another feature is locking mechanism.  Customers can have key locks or latch locks which are suitable for padlocks. In addition they can also choose GEM locks or Combination locks at an additional charge.

In addition all banks come with engraved number strips.

Finally all our letterboxes and banks are made on the premises in our factory at Mansfield, Brisbane, Queensland.

Powder Coat Colour

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