200 Series Besser Block Parcel Letterbox

For small online shopping packages

The Letterbox Man custom designed a 200 series Besser Block parcel letterbox for Chris. He needed the mail and parcels to slide down an angled gradient to the rear of the mailbox.

This is an image of a custom designed besser block parcel letterbox mill finished (no powder coate colour) showing the aluminium letterbox that sits behind a stainless steel front plate and the dimensions of the parcel letterbox.
Custom designed besser block parcel letterbox. Upside down L shaped parcel mailbox for small online shopping parcels featuring a stainless steel front plate (not shown in picture) and an inclined gradient for mail to slide down to the back of the box.

Chris had recently installed a 200 series besser block fence. The installer of the remote controlled, automated electric sliding gate made an error when installing the gate the house side of the fence, installed it ended up on the roadside. This created a challenge for Chris, who wanted a parcel mailbox for his small online shopping items.

With the electric gate installed the wrong way, there was no clearance for a hood (or visor) on the front of the letterbox. Furthermore, Chris wanted the front to only use the space of one 200 series besser block size on the road side, yet could be the size of two besser blocks on the rear, thus allowing a large door for retrieving mail. Additionally Chris also wanted a larger than normal front opening for this letterbox.

The Letterbox Man came up with a solution. This 200 series block aluminium parcel letterbox needed to be weather proof, and not interfere with the sliding gate that passes across the front plate. The front stainless steel plate had a larger mail slot for the parcels with a flush spring loaded mail flap. The clean modern design made the mail slot resistant to rain.

Chris was very happy with the solution and the end product.