A4 Side opening aluminium letterbox

$200.00 $135.00


A4 Side opening aluminium letterbox

Customers can purchase a side opening aluminium letterbox. This is available in right side opening or left side opening.  The mail goes in the front and is retrieved from the side so you no longer have to get out of your car to retrieve the mail. Individual mailbox is 350mm wide by 175mm high x 300mm deep.  Suits A4 mail. Box only.

Furthermore the customer has a choice of standard powder coat colours as they are currently not powder coated.  Purchasers have a choice of Black, White, Silver, Claret, Heritage Green, Mountain Blue or Primrose.

Finally the customer can choose to have a key lock or latch lock suitable for padlocks.

Note: pictures are showing box before powder coated and therefore not fully assembled.  There is a door with key lock or latch lock to attached to side of letterbox.